Kids.. when you hear the word ‘kids’ what comes to your mind usually? Little children playing in a park or garden, all together, laughing, enjoying, making merry, no feeling of caste or religion, moving and helping around like brothers and sisters?

Well that was when? before computers came into our lives? before science evolved?

Children, who must be the very kids of our dreams and thoughts are not the same now, we teach them to make friends, they make friends not just around their home and school but make friends who they never met in life. Hope you got by now what i am talking about, Social Networking, which in itself has its own pros and cons and is a part of technology. But here we are discussing the very detailed aspects of technology, so to start with, I will start with Social Networking.

Kids make friends fast and as they get to know a lot about computers that has become the basic education a threat if used extensively but a boon if used under control. They create accounts with Social Networking sites and make friends which is good, but also learn things that they are not supposed to at such an early age and take wrong directions of life. I knew of a girl when I was using Skype, she was just a 10 year old kid and was unhappy coz her boyfriend told her not to talk to him again. Now I tried to tell her that she is way too young for all that and try to concentrate on enjoying the life she has and do something, she said she would but god knows now what might have happened.

Technology, makes kids get attracted to anything that is full of colours and get addicted to the entertainment that they get from technology from computers to PDA and what not.

They have good knowledge of computers and technology and indeed are more fortunate than the older generation but the very technology that teaches them also ruins them. It has vast information open for all the people that is not categorised and protected properly.

Since they are addicted to the entertainment, they get to lose patience easily since technology does their work in moments and when time comes for them to wait and listen patiently, they fail. What I mean is to listen. Listen to what parents want to say, but it is the fault of the parents to start comparing the older generation with the one of their kids, the generation of kids is very fast and is highly developed unlike the older generation, kids don’t meet each other. If at all they want to convey something they just put in a SMS or meet them online in Social Networking sites and to play games? they don’t go out anymore, they play games from computer, and reduced physical activity increases obesity and finally leading to bad health in later stages of life.

The above mentioned crisis is fuelled by the older generation who control the government that is way too corrupt and neglect the parks and gardens around the locality and finally no place for kids but road to play that is full of traffic and pollution again in turn affecting their health.

Technology thus gave them a media alternative to that but is addictive enough that the kids lose patience and refuse to listen to lectures. Lectures by parents must not be like just-another-boring-speech-after-school. Once they get that they will never listen to their parents and when they are forced away from technology they turn violent.

Technology gives access to various information that is as mentioned above is for everyone and is not categorised and protected, when searching for some information kids may stumble upon sites with adult content and get hooked even more towards the technology that is not supposed to be.

I am sure that there will soon come a day when in schools kids are taught :-

– Parts of a book : Pages, Cover, Index..

– What is a book : A device that contains information that is organised by the first page called index and requires no power to use it.

– What is a Park : A park is a place where children go and play that is no longer existent now.

the list may go on..

It is not just with Social Networking, but Social Networking is the beginning of it, video sites like YouTube take up considerable time watching songs and constantly spending their money to upgrade their PC or the “Technological Hardware” so that they can be on par with everyone else, then they start to ask money from their parents, steal money and go into wrong ways.

As stated above kids lose patience if they are with technology that is faster than their parents or any human they meet, start to question their parents on ethics and when tried to explain about it, will get irritated since they consider that they have their own generation and they have their own set of rules and the old rules will not apply. Little do they know that certain ways of life never change with the passing of time, yet they consider it old and out-dated and finally turn deaf ears to the ethics and their grand parents who try to explain them.

Kids who must be taught the right and wrong, think that they are matured enough to take their own decisions and ignore the elders.

I personally know that elders can be boring but the lesson they teach are most invaluable and we never get to hear them again once they are gone, and they are the last carriers of our traditions and customs which they fail to impart, and the kids refuse to take in and finally heading nowhere.

There are better ways through which the traditions and lessons can be imparted if employed by the elders will ensure their child’s safety and future.

– Discuss and tell the very boring topic in an interesting way.

Kids are curious at exciting things.

so take the most advantage of that. Start with “Do you know….”

never tell “When we were in your age…”

if at all you want to use “When we were in your age..” tell something like this..

“When I was of your age i could type way faster than you can now”


“When i was of your age I could run 10 kilometres nonstop”

those will encourage the competitive spirit in the kids as kids want to be better than the ones around them. Earlier days taunts were taken seriously and as inspirational, but currently they are considered insults. So elders must also change with time.

Kids are easily attracted to Technology or anything that is Hardware-Software that gives our light and sound, Use it to explain things and how and what our history was, What we are supposed to do, What we are supposed to follow.

But telling them “what” is just not sufficient, they are more intelligent than we are they ask “Why” and “Who”.

just don’t tell them vague answers as ”They say…” or “I never asked such questions to my elders. I just used to follow them, so stop asking them stupid questions..” explain them with story. Take them to camping and in the excuse of telling them stories try to tell the very same concept bound in a story and make sure that they follow it.

As I mentioned above that kids tend to copy what the elders do, they try it when there is no one with them like smoking and indulging in bad habits, and elders must never induce the hate towards other caste or religion into the children. It will effect them in a negative way. No child is born with any feeling of caste or religion, it is the humans who induce it into them. Let the world change and be free but you must also change with the world.

What I posted above is just my view on how I personally could have liked my parents to have been to me,

Inspired by my friend to write it. Thank you my friend. Smile

The post is just my own view and is NOT to influence anyone. The above post is purely from me and maybe crude and not refined as my other posts are. The above mentioned points are applicable to teenagers also since they are partial kids.