The recent launch of Nokia N8, Apple iPhone 4, Samsung Galaxy, Sony Ericsson Xperia series (Arc, Play..).. the iPad, Dell’s Pad, Laptop, Desktop PC.. MP3 Players, iPod, Cameras (SLR).. the list goes on.. you buy them.. do they really give you the worth of putting the penny in it?? Read on to find out..


Most people think that “higher the cost – higher the value and features” but i think there is something missing. The thing that is missing is something known as “optimum point”. Yes the little term you should have heard in your economics class. That little term will help you a lot. Starting from people like us to the biggest of biggest business establishments to Governments..

let me first tell you what Optimum Point is (advanced users may skip this Section Smile with tongue out)


Optimum point is that point where you get the maximum value for what you spend. In other words, if you are

-spending Re. 1 at shop A and getting 10 Kg of sugar, the same guy tells you that

-if you take 100 kg sugar, he will give it for 9 rupees,

-200 Kg sugar at Rs. 15 and

-450 Kg sugar at Rs. 40.

we tend to think that as the quantity goes higher, you will get more value for money (atleast that what the figures seems like to you) here is the reality..

Divide the quantity with the price and compare it with the base minimum quantity/price (in this case Re. 1 for 10 Kg) and to your surprise you will find that above a particular level (in this case 200 Kg at Rs. 15) is the point where you will get the maximum value for your money. Anything above that will NOT give you good value.

It is also the point where you will get the maximum value for money you spend. After which you will get diminishing returns.

———————————end of section———————————


So in case of electronics which is hard to measure, you can take features into consideration. For example, you get Bluetooth, Camera, Multitasking in a mere Rs. 15000 phone (Nokia E71) and you get only Bluetooth, Camera for 35000 (iPhone). Does that really work out for you ? (i ignored other factors like screen quality, input method, camera quality etc. as in economics you see that you compare the main features and make other factors constant (assumption).) both phones do the same work call, take photos, but you get more feature (Multitask) at a cheaper price also its sturdy in build. Which one will you go for now ?

Actually the trick here is to compare and find out what is there and what you need. If you take something that you actually don’t need, you will be wasting a lot of money on it. If you think you just got the phone (or gadget) that has all the features that YOU require and be using, then compare within the same featured products, who knows there might be a better one hidden under the whole trash!

Now you might ask me how about constant updates in technology that is simply evolving and you need to keep pace? then you need to be ready to shell out quite a few bucks more, buy the highest valued/latest released one in the same category that you are looking for.

I found a good sites that really sum you up.

PC Components and Hardware –

Mobile Phones – with for prices in India.

You can also use for price checking, to mention another.

the above two are the mostly used ones by me for comparison as they give accurate data. will sum and give filtered updates (maybe a few minutes late) from many junk sites that are not specific like that will discuss each and every piece of hardware in the market will filter them and take out only mobile phone related information and present it to you.

This is just an illustration. You can get more in everybody’s favourite Smile.

But remember will give you relevant including trash. so be patient and try to filter it out.

For queries you have always got (,, wiki answers etc to mention a few).

Had i missed anything please let me know. i will update it as soon as possible (including errors, incomplete information etc.)


Thank You.