I am writing back after a long time.. The time not spent updating the blog due to various reasons expanded..

Now i have found a solid reason to continue with my blog.. Thanks to my ‘Childhood Friend’ and a person’s qualities I am a great fan of.. (advice : Be a fan of the qualities and not the person)

So the discussion was quite interesting there.. many topics passed and each one relating to another.

Lets start now.. The first topic was about a tank of water.

the saying goes like this..

“Oka akka (B bhai), oka anna(S bhai), Oka amma, kondaru pillalu, konni mokkalu, tank lo neellu. :)”

taken from http://www.kamscolumn.com (the person’s qualities i am a big fan of.. :P)

the literal translation is like this..

“one elder sister, one elder brother, one mother, some kids, some plants, water in the tank”

the saying is in Telugu and carries a lot of meaning and derivations and it means something more and special to the ones who are actually in it.

lets get this straight.

It is actually a comedy to the people who live in that house. and the very house means a lot to me. I understood what the joke is all about but could not enjoy it. There is a vast difference between understanding and enjoying the same thing and understanding is simply not enough to enjoy.

We can have a lot of derivations from that sentence. and it starts with a tank of water.

Water is the basis of life. Life comes into existence when there is water. but happiness? will it really come when you have life? I don’t think so. A mother cannot be happy if she is away from her children. and the children will be happy if they have toys and nature to enjoy and learn. the children when related to each other like brothers and sisters, the elder ones help the younger ones to come up acting in the place of mother.

It again starts with water where people live in a apartment thats full of families and trees. again it starts with water. they need water to survive and thus the people come and stay there, the value of property increases.

In the movie “Operation Condor” the last scene will surely make you realize that the worth of water is more than the worth of gold.

Talking of water and family, take the very twin-city grew on the source of Hussainsagar lake. and now the city has grown so big that the water is just as good as useless as the people trying to clean it and the very people around it forgot that once upon a time that this was the very source that helped them survive here and the very people failed when its time for paying back the tribute to the lake by cleaning and maintaining it. Had there been no water source from that lake, there would have been no life but misery and deaths due to droughts and famines.

as I discuss of life, There is death too.

There is equal probability that a person might live or die at the moment.

and speaking of life and death, the cycle of life and death and the faith that there is life after death, what is it? is it true that there is life? if so, where is it? is it in the same earth or after a period in heaven? one will never want to return to earth after experiencing the pleasures in heaven. but those who lived in hell. i am sure will want to come back to earth and make up for what they have done.

Many people have their own version of the very topic just like the one as discussed above. and i personally have three different versions of interpreting the same sentence. So maybe that misinterpretation is also considered as just-another-interpretation.

whether its right or wrong, interpretation is interpretation of the individual from the individual’s point of view and many people have their own views which seems that they are right in their own view but sometimes it so happens that wrong interpretation is more convincing that the actual interpretation or what it actually supposed to mean.

Talking about spirituality and being. No Child born will have the feeling of caste and religion and creed in them. nor there is any type of differentiation when they were born. yet people or the so called elders put the very feeling into them about the caste and religion. then why is the difference? is people from different religion are from different directions and are blinded by their own direction? knowing that they are heading nowhere still fighting for nothing?

People say that god is everywhere and watching us all. and its the same people who curse the god if they get any stumble in life. is this fair? you praise when he helps you and curse him when he leaves you? and the very people say that one must not be selfish yet they are.

they are just my opinion and not to promote anything.

people from all religion must eat, drink water and sleep, everyone must have shelter, everyone must earn. every person has his or her own goals, then where does religion comes in the middle when people are busy?

I say that one must not ignore god but one must be fair with him. When he helps you achieve your own goals, its up to you to go ahead and help others who are lagging behind you so that you can bring heaven to earth. where everyone is treated equally and where there is fair and justice, whats the need of force and power? one can live happily from birth to death in a place called earth where everyone gets their own chance to make a mark of their presence here. enjoy here. and live here.