"Humans.. The most evolved form of living being.."

At least that’s what most people say and believe as said to them by the Priest and proven by scientists. But what if the evolution is out of control?  Now don’t think "Uh? Out of control?? Isn’t it good to evolve?" Well, I say that the humans are evolving without any limits and the bans and impositions, Rules and restrictions, Self control and art of living, everything goes to shame when ‘This’ happens..

And what I mean by ‘This’ is a marriage. Not just another marriage, not even Love marriage nor inter-caste marriage, Not even a Hi-Fi Girl from New York City marrying a Tribal African boy from Zambia, but something that is known to people as ‘Gay Marriages’

Well yes I know that this is not the Indian type, we are sticklers to tradition and are thus known as "laggers" literally but they call us "Developing nation". Here I am not degrading India, I am proud that we are not infected with such ideas of marriage. We may be laggers but we have not lost our humanity, We did not go mad in the name of evolution, We have Sanskar and have values that are taught to us through generations. Here I do not want to start Another-boring-lecture, rather I want to highlight how fortunate we are to have our old traditions saving us from that disgust. Again its totally personal issue whether you marry a boy or a girl.

You must have read an SMS that goes something like this..

Mothers in

1980 – Hamari caste ki ladki se hi shaadi karna

1990 – Hamari Religion Ki

2000 – Hamari desh Ki

2011 – Kamine!!! Ladki se hi shaadi karna!!!!


Well how does it sound? funny? Well we laugh and have every right and freedom to do so, You know why? because we are protected by our Sanskar.

Normally in our History, I can remember as far as I can is the first Inter-Caste marriage was between Jodhaa and Akbar, Inter-State ? It was between the Son of the king of England and the Daughter of the King of France. And here we are fighting telling that Love marriages are not ethical even if everything matches (Here everything includes Horoscope and Same religion and caste, and all the formalities fulfilled.) Yet they say that Love marriage is a total failure and arranged marriage is far better.

Let me list down the Pros and cons of both the types of marriages, or at least what I think of them.

First everyone’s favourite, Love marriage

Pros :

– Better understanding and co-ordination

– Better scope for Planning in finance and life

– Have trust on partner not to desert you if in case of any unfortunate events in life

– There will be hope and a reason to live

– Someone to be with you always even at death

– Most important is our choice of person and the other person prefers a person like me

Cons :

– Little misunderstanding will lead to breakups and 95% of them are not happy and do not have the happy life they dreamt of

– Parents and elders will object to it

– No support from elders in case of breakups


Now how about a partner selected by elders?

Pros :

– No objection and people around you will be happy

– Adjustment will not be a big problem

Sanskari and you will get support from parents in case of breakups

– Breakups are very less

Cons :

– You may not like the person

– You will live for someone but not with a reason

– You will not be satisfied (thoe the elders ask you a million times you still tell a lie)

– Partner may marry you for personal reasons and once they get what they want they apply divorce


Marriages that are inter-caste etc. are for business or political purposes in general.

But what if the humans are advancing? imagine a boy marrying another boy?? or due to female foeticide lets say Arjun and Ram marry Shiela ??

Well the possibilities and probabilities and combinations are being explored by scientists (or at least I hope so that they will find a solution even if we know a solution already)


Well I have my personal opinion, Why not club both the pros and eliminate the cons? (easy to say eh?)

Yes there is a solution, its called as ‘Love after Marriage’. Ok here we go..

Take your time and select the person you like from the choices you are given and start loving after marriage. Satisfies both, Love and agreement from parents and there is a reduction in breakup level coz you love each other, so nothing to bother about.

Lets go to the other phase..

Recently at Kylie Minogue concert (Australia) a man came up the stage and proposed another man in front of the whole crowd that was cheering for them and the man happily accepted it!! (Even animals will not do that im sure of it!!)

Well, If that was the case in India.. (Imagine yourself about the parents of the couple!!)

The parents would say “Abe kamine!!! kitni baar bola kia karna ki ladki se hi shaadi karna bolke?” (or something worse?) and when you see the comments under the video, Most comments read “Australian government must change its laws and make gay marriages legal” well the first time they were made legal was in New York.

Well in what way will you call it as an alternative in the near future? But I must say that at the current rate of female foeticide, it is an alternative that everyone must consider with open mind or they may leave this world peacefully. India is such a place where we are against girl child. Why? Due to rising costs of marriage and all.. Just coz of money they give away life? is money worth more than life? can you live by eating money? can you build house with money? one rain and everything will go wasted. So do not waste your life and time accept what comes in your path, and Love it, That is the best possible way to lead life happily.

Well India is such a country where you get pizza delivered faster than police or ambulance, a place where people pray to goddess Saraswati for education and Lakshmi for money and Durga for courage but never want a female child, a place where the Olympic shooter gets rich in just firing two shots and the real shooters who are in the army protecting us get meagre wages and a place where people want government jobs but hate to go to government offices, and the list goes on and on..

The world is evolving and we must evolve too but we must know our limits and must live like true humans thanks to our Sanskar that protects us from such cheap thoughts.

So accept life as it is and love it, You will find that you will feel short of nothing, and find happiness all around. Sometimes you wonder how people with greatest of worries are happier than we who have lower level of worries and are not happy, the very simple reason is that they find happiness in every little chance they get and we fail to do the very same. Imagine the happiness of the gays.. just like another couple but its just that there are two persons of same sex rather opposite and they are finding happiness in that, whereas we find sorrow even if a small moment opposes us and we miss many moments of happiness just because we worry about the sad moment so much that we devote the moments worth being happy to sorrow.

So lets show the world that we are the people who can make life better, happier and more beautiful.

A more civilized and ethical life full of freedom and ethical values.