Life.. what is life? something that is valuable and more dearer than anything on earth to a living thing? Is it something that is a mixture of happiness, anger, love, hate, feeling, sadness…? Or is it just a monotonous duties performed machine like by living things?

Well the definitions may go on and on depending on the person who experiences life in his own way.

Let me tell you what I think about life,

Life when it is there, sure there is the opposite called Death that  just cannot be avoided, so why not enjoy all the things you have and die happily. Do good to people, go on a world tour, Party on with friends, and throw money in the air because even if you offer all the money in the world death will come so why worry?? we worry is it because that we part away from our near and dear ones? or is it because we just are afraid of all our bad deeds that might lead us to hell? either way, you have to pay for your misdeeds and receive boons for your good deeds.

And I think that humans can be happier right after reading a short story I don’t remember exactly but i know the gist of which goes like this..

There was a young man, one day he went into the ocean and met a merman. He had a nice talk with him(merman) and asked about the life there, the merman told the man to follow him and try to take a look at his world. First he saw that there were a house full of people who were making merry, the man asked ‘Why are these people making merry?’ the merman replied ‘because one of us died.’

Man : what!! but why??

Merman : We are happy because one of us have reached the heaven and has met god. Isn’t it a good news when one reaches heaven?

Man : Ok. But in our world people cry. because if he was the daily breadwinner who will be there to take care of his family. so they cry in grief

after some more time of roaming they pass through a house full of people crying.

Man : Why are these people crying?

Merman : Because there is a birth of a child there.

Man : Isn’t it a happy occasion?

Merman : No, Because he was sent back to earth from heaven since he must have done something bad there.

Man : Ok. But we make merry since a child is our future.

At the end of the day, they bade farewell and went in to their own worlds.


What I derived out of this little story was that there is something happy to be about in life. Think for a second and see. When a person dies in a house, the members of the house cry saying ‘Who will take care of me now?’ but never say ‘Thank you for taking care of me all the while you lived’ or no one will throw a party since they reached heaven because of their good deeds. Why so selfish?

When a child is born, the parents are the happiest ones. They get responsibility to take care of the child and make sure that the child is independent on its own. And they throw a party for the well being of the child where people around come and bless him for a better life here in earth.

Just give it a thought and you will find that there always will be something happy to be about.

you can get more examples,

A couple broke up, that is a sad news but look at the brighter side, had they been together there would have been no peace, now that they broke up they have chances of finding better partners.

well, that wont convince you?

lets take it this way, An individual lost his job, so? he must be happy with the hope that he will find a better job than the one he was working.

fine, this will not be applied in every case, Think of a student who failed an exam, What will be the brighter side? absolutely nothing. But i say there is one. It surely did not give him hope but it taught him a lesson saying ‘You do not fit here, better turn back before its too late. Go and join where you can excel.’

well now I hope you can have really a positive look towards life Smile

Now to part two of this post. Life according to me..

Take birth, Study, make friends, relatives and enemies, get a job, earn money, marry, have kids, give them education, marry them off, let them have kids and enjoy with your grandchildren then die.

Is life that simple? Well that is what I think so. What makes life interesting? well here is another life that is quite interesting.

Take birth, Study, make friends, relatives and enemies, get a job, earn money, love, run away from home and marry, have kids, give them education, marry them off, let them have kids and enjoy with your grandchildren then die.

well, except for that “”love and running away from home and marrying” how else can you make life interesting? well that may sound very tough for the ones going through, interesting for onlookers and gossipers, painful for parents, entertaining for relatives who are sadists but a responsibility for those who think that the parents should forgive what their kids did.

Ok, Another life,

Life of a terrorist. (Interesting isn’t it? Smile with tongue out)

Take birth, Practice your religious laws, try to impose it, kill the ones who resist, die.

how is it? short eh? no worries just one goal in life.

Life of a professional

Take birth, achieve something small, love it and make it your passion, practice your passion as your career and achieve something big, Marry, have kids and grandchildren, be a role model for newbies, get old and retire, die.

My life?

its a bit of time that is worth sharing with you. Open-mouthed smile

Take birth, roam towns and cities and study, meet people, grow up, get confused for what to do in life, decide to die every week until you meet some nice friends and give you eagerness to live for another week to meet them, that’s all for now. I am still 19 so please lets leave it here. (No I am not escaping, I just don’t know what will happen after that).

I remembered Kishore Kumar’s song “zindagi ek safar hai suhana”

the lyrics go this way..

“Zindagi ek safar hai suhana
Yahan kal kya ho kisne jaana”

Well i totally agree with him, especially with the word ‘suhana’ because life is so smooth and has become something that must be completed only in a specific way as defined. Easy isn’t it if my life is defined that way, No worries of astrology or numerology since I know what will happen with me Open-mouthed smile.

What if that is the case with every person on earth? astrology and numerology will lose market and they start shutting down businesses since people are no longer curious about their future and they just can’t make any money there, so they shift their profession to something else. Or they may start protesting that they are losing their business because a 19 year old kid told what will happen to everyone what will their future be without knowing any of those professional techniques but hey wait, there are people like me who still don’t know about future so don’t worry, you will never lose business as long as you hold the talent to tell lies the genuine way.

For those who are struck and have no idea what to do in life? try this. Take birth, study, and take your passion for your career, become a professional and do a love life. I guarantee you that you will have the most interesting life. This is a free advice so support not provided Winking smile try this at your own risk.

So friends, I just want to tell you that there is a lot of things that you can enjoy even when sad, Try to pick on how happy you can be rather searching for the bad ones you already got. Let me put it this way, there is a glass of water, You drank it half and kept it on the table, one person says ‘the glass is half empty’ and another person says ‘It is half full’. They are pessimist and optimist respectively, The pessimist tells ‘you already drank half a glass of water, what will you do when you are thirsty again?’ whereas the optimist tells ‘that is a good choice, if ever you are thirsty again, you got another half a glass to quench thirst’. Just the same way, try to find happiness in every second of life and you will find that you start to love life and live a happy life. Smile