Hi everyone. This is my first blog and I am new to blogs. so expect errors as I am human and please take the responsibility of correcting me. Thank you.

In this post i have decided to write about my thoughts on music.

As I have seen a lot of music in the rounds, some really enjoyed by the public, played over and over again, either in their mobile phones, MP3 players, or even their PCs like Sheela Ki Jawani  from Tees Maar Khan and Munni Badnaam Hui from Dabangg etc. The general public accepts those songs (people even call those songs as item songs) and those songs are in the rounds over and over again till someone plays that song in a party loud enough to disturb their neighbours and unnecessarily disturbing the reputation of the song. A song/Music like what i feel must be free from any kind of boundaries and barriers. Let it be Physical, Mental or Ethical. Physical means like by NOT playing it in speakers especially at night loud enough to disturb people around. Mental barriers like taking the lyrics too much into the head and feeling bad for it if it co-incidentally relates to your life! And most importantly Ethical barriers that i feel must be given some kind of exception since when i say Song or Music it includes Classical And Devotional  songs that must be sung in the correct raga and the musician must keep in mind the lyrics as well to make it sound even more pure for the listener.

Recently I have seen that against the above mentioned two songs a case was filed under PIL (Public Interest Litigation) at Lucknow bench of Allahabad High Court by a lady as it violates the Cinematography Act 1952. Taking into consideration the Video Song, the video may be provocative and may be objectionable but not the song as it is accepted by the public.

What i feel is that when the general public accepts it and one person objects it due to some reason either personal, ethical or reason of any kind, it sets into the minds of many people that listening to that song is unethical or its a wrong doing or even a sin sometimes.

I have also seen under comments in www.youtube.com by some Pakistani users while i listen to Atif Aslam’s song Tere Lyie from the movie Prince that for using the line/sentence “Chod di Khudai Tere Lyie” he (Atif Aslam) is a Muslim and saying that line is prohibited. Well what i say here is he is not the one to be blamed, neither is the song Devotional or Classical. It is just another Movie song that is free from any barriers. And Atif is just a singer and not a lyricist of the song.

I want to conclude by saying that songs are just a media of expression, there are no boundaries to it, provided exceptions in Classical and Devotional songs.