I knew of a story of a poor guy called Jack from a Town called Bournsville. He was so poor that he was ready to do anything to get money, but thoe he worked hard, he remained poor. He had a friend called Simon, one day evening after work Simon and Jack were sitting and discussing of their day. Jack was frustrated at his plight and Simon who really wanted to help him told him “Jack my friend, I heard that the neighboring village of  Oaksridge give away land on which you keep your feet on. Why don’t you give there a try?”. Jack said “Thanks my friend, I will set for the village.”.

Jack packed up all his meager things and started to walk to Oaksridge.

At Oaksridge,

Jack : Where is the village headman?

Villager: He lives the house that has wooden fencing and his name is Paul McMammer. But why do you want to meet him?

Jack : I heard that this village will give the lands where all i set my feet upon. Is this true?

Villager : Yes it is true, but many people have lost their lives in doing so. I recommend you to go back and be happy with what you have.

Jack : Sorry, I have nothing if i go back, I will as well give a try here.

Villager : Well, its your wish my son. God bless you.

Jack goes to the village head’s house and knocks his door.

Paul : Who is there?

Jack : I am Jack and I come here to walk and claim the lands.

Paul : Ok. But are you sure you want to do that? Many people have lost their lives falling for that.

Jack : I have nothing to lose, what will happen if I give a try?

Paul : Ok you can take the guest room and stay for the night. We will start tomorrow.

Next day..

There was gathering of villagers at the village square,

Paul : Here are the Conditions Jack..

All the land where you walk upon will be yours, You must return before evening or else you will lose all your lands.

Jack : Yes

And he set off..

he walked past meadows and lakes.. over valleys and fields.. it was noon and he thought “Its just noon and i think i have already have enough to live all my life, But that green pastures looks beautiful and those horses too. I will walk past them so that i can own them as well.”

so he kept walking and it was almost evening when he reached a forest, Another thought passed his mind “I cant take the whole forest but i can walk little ahead and claim a part of the forest that contains medicinal plants” with that thought he entered the forest. Barely he walked for some time, a tiger saw him and he was killed.

The villagers waited for him for a long time and towards night fall the set a search party out and the party returned the next day with his remains.

Paul burying his remains : All a human needs is just 6 feet of land, Greed takes it all.

———————————— The End—————————————-

Now that was an interesting story, and what did we see? when Jack was satisfied with what he already owned, he wanted more since there the things ahead him were more attractive than the ones he already had. Just the same way in our lives, we have a home, food to eat, a decent job, earnings, and all the luxury of life to live, yet we crave for more and are not satisfied with what we have, we say “look that guy has this and that, wish i have those as well.” and that little poisonous thought will force you give away all the little happiness that you have and finally there will be nothing left for you, only to think “Oh why did I pay attention to such a silly thought.”

As the saying goes “Prevention is better than Cure” there is something interesting in this and I am sure you people must have failed to notice that you already know. Its nothing great, Prevention, have you heard of anyone telling “this cannot be prevented” ?? I don’t think so. Rarely when this is a dialog in movies, but in reality, did you? I did not. but i surely have heard people saying “This cannot be cured”. does that ring a bell? I am sure it will, but you just cant prevent such thoughts simply, but you have the choice of diverting it. Think like this, “That guy has that thing, so what? do I need it? am i happy without it?” If your answer is yes, you will find that the silly thought wearing off like melting ice.

Let me give you another example, You have a phone that is simple one. You can make calls and send messages and can stay connected with people, You have received some money as gift and by chance you happen to see a nice brand new phone in the market that has more features than just calling and messaging, Media player, Bluetooth, Camera, Radio, GPS, The list goes on and you have enough money to buy it. Will you buy it? make a list of things that you will be using, Media player to listen to songs when you are on the move, then? Camera? you have a nice camera at your home and you say this camera in the phone is not nice, then Radio? when I have a media player whats the need for radio? and GPS? I know all the way around my home and if I lose my way, if i call my mom or dad they will come and pick me up.

So why do you need that phone? cant you just buy a MP3 player thats more economical and that also can be used as a portable data carrier. Useful it will be and economical.

The rest money you can invest wisely and buy something else that you might need in the future.

But at the same time, I must say that having wants is good. Confusing? well, it will be. Too much of want is not good, but limited wants are something that you need to progress in life. Still confused? let me tell you the life of two persons who are different, One is a rich guy who is rich like Ambani or the Tatas, and a normal person like you and I,

What we need? we have aspirations, we want to earn more, we will study, we will get promotions at jobs, we have something to celebrate at every step of life.

Now the life of children who are rich, They have money always surrounding them since their family business is earning them enough to spend a lot and get the latest things in  life, since they are already having everything, they will have nothing else to go up, so they take to bad habits of drugs and alcohol, smoking and going into bad ways of life and finally ruin their health and die early.

whereas we have some goal set ahead immediately and we wont stop and have time for all such thoughts, but the third person who we are not supposed to forget. He is a person with a thought “I have earned enough, I have shelter, food and clothing, I don’t need anything else in life” such people are more dangerous, they neither progress nor let others progress, so keep away from such people and thoughts because it will ruin your progress.

Finally, its your thoughts that will control your life, so have clear thoughts, be clear of what you want to achieve, having multiple targets may also fail if you have only one arrow and can hit only one target. So in the process take care of your health, oh that reminds me of a fourth person, He is so obsessed with progress that he worked hard and forgot the health of himself and his family and finally when admitted to hospital for illness, he lost all his savings and earnings only to pay the health expenditures, so better be careful.

When I say thoughts control you, I don’t mean merely thoughts, but action and willpower put together with hard-work and patience. It pays you in gold.

And when thoughts arrive at your mind? when you see, hear and feel things. so be careful of what to see, hear and feel, even your talk will give you away and take away your progress, discuss your future plans with someone who you trust like your parents since you don’t want someone jealous of your progress know of your plans and ruin it, do you? I don’t think so.

This drives me to tell you something about Gandhiji’s three monkeys, You are sure to have heard of it, anyways here is the picture..

but what I saw at a army camp was of the very same three monkeys, but they were quite different,

the first one that has its mouth closed remained as it is, the second monkey that has its eyes closed, had binoculars and the third monkey that has covered its ears was listening keenly to everything. The monkeys said :




The soldier nearby explained me what it meant,

He said “You must know everything but you must keep your mouth shut and pretend not to know anything, who knows who might be observing you to take advantage of you and your mouth will give you away since its the only thing that gives you away, so be careful to use it.”

From that I want to say that your surroundings influence your thoughts, so keep everything clear, nothing is wrong in asking (as long as its not irritating or personal) but be careful when replying to questions, when you don’t want to answer, just give a smile and say that you don’t know or that you don’t want to answer that question. If the person persists, just leave that place with a sweet “excuse me”.

The soldier also explained me that there was a fourth monkey, that will be behind every highest official in any place or sector or base, a monkey written “Boss is Always Right” which means that there is no one to challenge his orders. His orders are final and even if you are more qualified than him, still you follow him even if you know he is wrong.

But I think, there is something good and related to our life and just take the positive points. Your parents are the official with the fourth monkey, but they ask you for professional advises when needed. So isnt this better? you get the best of everything!

So, keep your thoughts and goals clear and you will know what you need and what to achieve, and always follow what your parents say for it is always for your good.