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Life : In my own words..

Life.. what is life? something that is valuable and more dearer than anything on earth to a living thing? Is it something that is a mixture of happiness, anger, love, hate, feeling, sadness…? Or is it just a monotonous duties performed machine like by living things?

Well the definitions may go on and on depending on the person who experiences life in his own way.

Let me tell you what I think about life,

Life when it is there, sure there is the opposite called Death that  just cannot be avoided, so why not enjoy all the things you have and die happily. Do good to people, go on a world tour, Party on with friends, and throw money in the air because even if you offer all the money in the world death will come so why worry?? we worry is it because that we part away from our near and dear ones? or is it because we just are afraid of all our bad deeds that might lead us to hell? either way, you have to pay for your misdeeds and receive boons for your good deeds.

And I think that humans can be happier right after reading a short story I don’t remember exactly but i know the gist of which goes like this..

There was a young man, one day he went into the ocean and met a merman. He had a nice talk with him(merman) and asked about the life there, the merman told the man to follow him and try to take a look at his world. First he saw that there were a house full of people who were making merry, the man asked ‘Why are these people making merry?’ the merman replied ‘because one of us died.’

Man : what!! but why??

Merman : We are happy because one of us have reached the heaven and has met god. Isn’t it a good news when one reaches heaven?

Man : Ok. But in our world people cry. because if he was the daily breadwinner who will be there to take care of his family. so they cry in grief

after some more time of roaming they pass through a house full of people crying.

Man : Why are these people crying?

Merman : Because there is a birth of a child there.

Man : Isn’t it a happy occasion?

Merman : No, Because he was sent back to earth from heaven since he must have done something bad there.

Man : Ok. But we make merry since a child is our future.

At the end of the day, they bade farewell and went in to their own worlds.


What I derived out of this little story was that there is something happy to be about in life. Think for a second and see. When a person dies in a house, the members of the house cry saying ‘Who will take care of me now?’ but never say ‘Thank you for taking care of me all the while you lived’ or no one will throw a party since they reached heaven because of their good deeds. Why so selfish?

When a child is born, the parents are the happiest ones. They get responsibility to take care of the child and make sure that the child is independent on its own. And they throw a party for the well being of the child where people around come and bless him for a better life here in earth.

Just give it a thought and you will find that there always will be something happy to be about.

you can get more examples,

A couple broke up, that is a sad news but look at the brighter side, had they been together there would have been no peace, now that they broke up they have chances of finding better partners.

well, that wont convince you?

lets take it this way, An individual lost his job, so? he must be happy with the hope that he will find a better job than the one he was working.

fine, this will not be applied in every case, Think of a student who failed an exam, What will be the brighter side? absolutely nothing. But i say there is one. It surely did not give him hope but it taught him a lesson saying ‘You do not fit here, better turn back before its too late. Go and join where you can excel.’

well now I hope you can have really a positive look towards life Smile

Now to part two of this post. Life according to me..

Take birth, Study, make friends, relatives and enemies, get a job, earn money, marry, have kids, give them education, marry them off, let them have kids and enjoy with your grandchildren then die.

Is life that simple? Well that is what I think so. What makes life interesting? well here is another life that is quite interesting.

Take birth, Study, make friends, relatives and enemies, get a job, earn money, love, run away from home and marry, have kids, give them education, marry them off, let them have kids and enjoy with your grandchildren then die.

well, except for that “”love and running away from home and marrying” how else can you make life interesting? well that may sound very tough for the ones going through, interesting for onlookers and gossipers, painful for parents, entertaining for relatives who are sadists but a responsibility for those who think that the parents should forgive what their kids did.

Ok, Another life,

Life of a terrorist. (Interesting isn’t it? Smile with tongue out)

Take birth, Practice your religious laws, try to impose it, kill the ones who resist, die.

how is it? short eh? no worries just one goal in life.

Life of a professional

Take birth, achieve something small, love it and make it your passion, practice your passion as your career and achieve something big, Marry, have kids and grandchildren, be a role model for newbies, get old and retire, die.

My life?

its a bit of time that is worth sharing with you. Open-mouthed smile

Take birth, roam towns and cities and study, meet people, grow up, get confused for what to do in life, decide to die every week until you meet some nice friends and give you eagerness to live for another week to meet them, that’s all for now. I am still 19 so please lets leave it here. (No I am not escaping, I just don’t know what will happen after that).

I remembered Kishore Kumar’s song “zindagi ek safar hai suhana”

the lyrics go this way..

“Zindagi ek safar hai suhana
Yahan kal kya ho kisne jaana”

Well i totally agree with him, especially with the word ‘suhana’ because life is so smooth and has become something that must be completed only in a specific way as defined. Easy isn’t it if my life is defined that way, No worries of astrology or numerology since I know what will happen with me Open-mouthed smile.

What if that is the case with every person on earth? astrology and numerology will lose market and they start shutting down businesses since people are no longer curious about their future and they just can’t make any money there, so they shift their profession to something else. Or they may start protesting that they are losing their business because a 19 year old kid told what will happen to everyone what will their future be without knowing any of those professional techniques but hey wait, there are people like me who still don’t know about future so don’t worry, you will never lose business as long as you hold the talent to tell lies the genuine way.

For those who are struck and have no idea what to do in life? try this. Take birth, study, and take your passion for your career, become a professional and do a love life. I guarantee you that you will have the most interesting life. This is a free advice so support not provided Winking smile try this at your own risk.

So friends, I just want to tell you that there is a lot of things that you can enjoy even when sad, Try to pick on how happy you can be rather searching for the bad ones you already got. Let me put it this way, there is a glass of water, You drank it half and kept it on the table, one person says ‘the glass is half empty’ and another person says ‘It is half full’. They are pessimist and optimist respectively, The pessimist tells ‘you already drank half a glass of water, what will you do when you are thirsty again?’ whereas the optimist tells ‘that is a good choice, if ever you are thirsty again, you got another half a glass to quench thirst’. Just the same way, try to find happiness in every second of life and you will find that you start to love life and live a happy life. Smile


Kids.. when you hear the word ‘kids’ what comes to your mind usually? Little children playing in a park or garden, all together, laughing, enjoying, making merry, no feeling of caste or religion, moving and helping around like brothers and sisters?

Well that was when? before computers came into our lives? before science evolved?

Children, who must be the very kids of our dreams and thoughts are not the same now, we teach them to make friends, they make friends not just around their home and school but make friends who they never met in life. Hope you got by now what i am talking about, Social Networking, which in itself has its own pros and cons and is a part of technology. But here we are discussing the very detailed aspects of technology, so to start with, I will start with Social Networking.

Kids make friends fast and as they get to know a lot about computers that has become the basic education a threat if used extensively but a boon if used under control. They create accounts with Social Networking sites and make friends which is good, but also learn things that they are not supposed to at such an early age and take wrong directions of life. I knew of a girl when I was using Skype, she was just a 10 year old kid and was unhappy coz her boyfriend told her not to talk to him again. Now I tried to tell her that she is way too young for all that and try to concentrate on enjoying the life she has and do something, she said she would but god knows now what might have happened.

Technology, makes kids get attracted to anything that is full of colours and get addicted to the entertainment that they get from technology from computers to PDA and what not.

They have good knowledge of computers and technology and indeed are more fortunate than the older generation but the very technology that teaches them also ruins them. It has vast information open for all the people that is not categorised and protected properly.

Since they are addicted to the entertainment, they get to lose patience easily since technology does their work in moments and when time comes for them to wait and listen patiently, they fail. What I mean is to listen. Listen to what parents want to say, but it is the fault of the parents to start comparing the older generation with the one of their kids, the generation of kids is very fast and is highly developed unlike the older generation, kids don’t meet each other. If at all they want to convey something they just put in a SMS or meet them online in Social Networking sites and to play games? they don’t go out anymore, they play games from computer, and reduced physical activity increases obesity and finally leading to bad health in later stages of life.

The above mentioned crisis is fuelled by the older generation who control the government that is way too corrupt and neglect the parks and gardens around the locality and finally no place for kids but road to play that is full of traffic and pollution again in turn affecting their health.

Technology thus gave them a media alternative to that but is addictive enough that the kids lose patience and refuse to listen to lectures. Lectures by parents must not be like just-another-boring-speech-after-school. Once they get that they will never listen to their parents and when they are forced away from technology they turn violent.

Technology gives access to various information that is as mentioned above is for everyone and is not categorised and protected, when searching for some information kids may stumble upon sites with adult content and get hooked even more towards the technology that is not supposed to be.

I am sure that there will soon come a day when in schools kids are taught :-

– Parts of a book : Pages, Cover, Index..

– What is a book : A device that contains information that is organised by the first page called index and requires no power to use it.

– What is a Park : A park is a place where children go and play that is no longer existent now.

the list may go on..

It is not just with Social Networking, but Social Networking is the beginning of it, video sites like YouTube take up considerable time watching songs and constantly spending their money to upgrade their PC or the “Technological Hardware” so that they can be on par with everyone else, then they start to ask money from their parents, steal money and go into wrong ways.

As stated above kids lose patience if they are with technology that is faster than their parents or any human they meet, start to question their parents on ethics and when tried to explain about it, will get irritated since they consider that they have their own generation and they have their own set of rules and the old rules will not apply. Little do they know that certain ways of life never change with the passing of time, yet they consider it old and out-dated and finally turn deaf ears to the ethics and their grand parents who try to explain them.

Kids who must be taught the right and wrong, think that they are matured enough to take their own decisions and ignore the elders.

I personally know that elders can be boring but the lesson they teach are most invaluable and we never get to hear them again once they are gone, and they are the last carriers of our traditions and customs which they fail to impart, and the kids refuse to take in and finally heading nowhere.

There are better ways through which the traditions and lessons can be imparted if employed by the elders will ensure their child’s safety and future.

– Discuss and tell the very boring topic in an interesting way.

Kids are curious at exciting things.

so take the most advantage of that. Start with “Do you know….”

never tell “When we were in your age…”

if at all you want to use “When we were in your age..” tell something like this..

“When I was of your age i could type way faster than you can now”


“When i was of your age I could run 10 kilometres nonstop”

those will encourage the competitive spirit in the kids as kids want to be better than the ones around them. Earlier days taunts were taken seriously and as inspirational, but currently they are considered insults. So elders must also change with time.

Kids are easily attracted to Technology or anything that is Hardware-Software that gives our light and sound, Use it to explain things and how and what our history was, What we are supposed to do, What we are supposed to follow.

But telling them “what” is just not sufficient, they are more intelligent than we are they ask “Why” and “Who”.

just don’t tell them vague answers as ”They say…” or “I never asked such questions to my elders. I just used to follow them, so stop asking them stupid questions..” explain them with story. Take them to camping and in the excuse of telling them stories try to tell the very same concept bound in a story and make sure that they follow it.

As I mentioned above that kids tend to copy what the elders do, they try it when there is no one with them like smoking and indulging in bad habits, and elders must never induce the hate towards other caste or religion into the children. It will effect them in a negative way. No child is born with any feeling of caste or religion, it is the humans who induce it into them. Let the world change and be free but you must also change with the world.

What I posted above is just my view on how I personally could have liked my parents to have been to me,

Inspired by my friend to write it. Thank you my friend. Smile

The post is just my own view and is NOT to influence anyone. The above post is purely from me and maybe crude and not refined as my other posts are. The above mentioned points are applicable to teenagers also since they are partial kids.

You need this…

I knew of a story of a poor guy called Jack from a Town called Bournsville. He was so poor that he was ready to do anything to get money, but thoe he worked hard, he remained poor. He had a friend called Simon, one day evening after work Simon and Jack were sitting and discussing of their day. Jack was frustrated at his plight and Simon who really wanted to help him told him “Jack my friend, I heard that the neighboring village of  Oaksridge give away land on which you keep your feet on. Why don’t you give there a try?”. Jack said “Thanks my friend, I will set for the village.”.

Jack packed up all his meager things and started to walk to Oaksridge.

At Oaksridge,

Jack : Where is the village headman?

Villager: He lives the house that has wooden fencing and his name is Paul McMammer. But why do you want to meet him?

Jack : I heard that this village will give the lands where all i set my feet upon. Is this true?

Villager : Yes it is true, but many people have lost their lives in doing so. I recommend you to go back and be happy with what you have.

Jack : Sorry, I have nothing if i go back, I will as well give a try here.

Villager : Well, its your wish my son. God bless you.

Jack goes to the village head’s house and knocks his door.

Paul : Who is there?

Jack : I am Jack and I come here to walk and claim the lands.

Paul : Ok. But are you sure you want to do that? Many people have lost their lives falling for that.

Jack : I have nothing to lose, what will happen if I give a try?

Paul : Ok you can take the guest room and stay for the night. We will start tomorrow.

Next day..

There was gathering of villagers at the village square,

Paul : Here are the Conditions Jack..

All the land where you walk upon will be yours, You must return before evening or else you will lose all your lands.

Jack : Yes

And he set off..

he walked past meadows and lakes.. over valleys and fields.. it was noon and he thought “Its just noon and i think i have already have enough to live all my life, But that green pastures looks beautiful and those horses too. I will walk past them so that i can own them as well.”

so he kept walking and it was almost evening when he reached a forest, Another thought passed his mind “I cant take the whole forest but i can walk little ahead and claim a part of the forest that contains medicinal plants” with that thought he entered the forest. Barely he walked for some time, a tiger saw him and he was killed.

The villagers waited for him for a long time and towards night fall the set a search party out and the party returned the next day with his remains.

Paul burying his remains : All a human needs is just 6 feet of land, Greed takes it all.

———————————— The End—————————————-

Now that was an interesting story, and what did we see? when Jack was satisfied with what he already owned, he wanted more since there the things ahead him were more attractive than the ones he already had. Just the same way in our lives, we have a home, food to eat, a decent job, earnings, and all the luxury of life to live, yet we crave for more and are not satisfied with what we have, we say “look that guy has this and that, wish i have those as well.” and that little poisonous thought will force you give away all the little happiness that you have and finally there will be nothing left for you, only to think “Oh why did I pay attention to such a silly thought.”

As the saying goes “Prevention is better than Cure” there is something interesting in this and I am sure you people must have failed to notice that you already know. Its nothing great, Prevention, have you heard of anyone telling “this cannot be prevented” ?? I don’t think so. Rarely when this is a dialog in movies, but in reality, did you? I did not. but i surely have heard people saying “This cannot be cured”. does that ring a bell? I am sure it will, but you just cant prevent such thoughts simply, but you have the choice of diverting it. Think like this, “That guy has that thing, so what? do I need it? am i happy without it?” If your answer is yes, you will find that the silly thought wearing off like melting ice.

Let me give you another example, You have a phone that is simple one. You can make calls and send messages and can stay connected with people, You have received some money as gift and by chance you happen to see a nice brand new phone in the market that has more features than just calling and messaging, Media player, Bluetooth, Camera, Radio, GPS, The list goes on and you have enough money to buy it. Will you buy it? make a list of things that you will be using, Media player to listen to songs when you are on the move, then? Camera? you have a nice camera at your home and you say this camera in the phone is not nice, then Radio? when I have a media player whats the need for radio? and GPS? I know all the way around my home and if I lose my way, if i call my mom or dad they will come and pick me up.

So why do you need that phone? cant you just buy a MP3 player thats more economical and that also can be used as a portable data carrier. Useful it will be and economical.

The rest money you can invest wisely and buy something else that you might need in the future.

But at the same time, I must say that having wants is good. Confusing? well, it will be. Too much of want is not good, but limited wants are something that you need to progress in life. Still confused? let me tell you the life of two persons who are different, One is a rich guy who is rich like Ambani or the Tatas, and a normal person like you and I,

What we need? we have aspirations, we want to earn more, we will study, we will get promotions at jobs, we have something to celebrate at every step of life.

Now the life of children who are rich, They have money always surrounding them since their family business is earning them enough to spend a lot and get the latest things in  life, since they are already having everything, they will have nothing else to go up, so they take to bad habits of drugs and alcohol, smoking and going into bad ways of life and finally ruin their health and die early.

whereas we have some goal set ahead immediately and we wont stop and have time for all such thoughts, but the third person who we are not supposed to forget. He is a person with a thought “I have earned enough, I have shelter, food and clothing, I don’t need anything else in life” such people are more dangerous, they neither progress nor let others progress, so keep away from such people and thoughts because it will ruin your progress.

Finally, its your thoughts that will control your life, so have clear thoughts, be clear of what you want to achieve, having multiple targets may also fail if you have only one arrow and can hit only one target. So in the process take care of your health, oh that reminds me of a fourth person, He is so obsessed with progress that he worked hard and forgot the health of himself and his family and finally when admitted to hospital for illness, he lost all his savings and earnings only to pay the health expenditures, so better be careful.

When I say thoughts control you, I don’t mean merely thoughts, but action and willpower put together with hard-work and patience. It pays you in gold.

And when thoughts arrive at your mind? when you see, hear and feel things. so be careful of what to see, hear and feel, even your talk will give you away and take away your progress, discuss your future plans with someone who you trust like your parents since you don’t want someone jealous of your progress know of your plans and ruin it, do you? I don’t think so.

This drives me to tell you something about Gandhiji’s three monkeys, You are sure to have heard of it, anyways here is the picture..

but what I saw at a army camp was of the very same three monkeys, but they were quite different,

the first one that has its mouth closed remained as it is, the second monkey that has its eyes closed, had binoculars and the third monkey that has covered its ears was listening keenly to everything. The monkeys said :




The soldier nearby explained me what it meant,

He said “You must know everything but you must keep your mouth shut and pretend not to know anything, who knows who might be observing you to take advantage of you and your mouth will give you away since its the only thing that gives you away, so be careful to use it.”

From that I want to say that your surroundings influence your thoughts, so keep everything clear, nothing is wrong in asking (as long as its not irritating or personal) but be careful when replying to questions, when you don’t want to answer, just give a smile and say that you don’t know or that you don’t want to answer that question. If the person persists, just leave that place with a sweet “excuse me”.

The soldier also explained me that there was a fourth monkey, that will be behind every highest official in any place or sector or base, a monkey written “Boss is Always Right” which means that there is no one to challenge his orders. His orders are final and even if you are more qualified than him, still you follow him even if you know he is wrong.

But I think, there is something good and related to our life and just take the positive points. Your parents are the official with the fourth monkey, but they ask you for professional advises when needed. So isnt this better? you get the best of everything!

So, keep your thoughts and goals clear and you will know what you need and what to achieve, and always follow what your parents say for it is always for your good.


I am writing back after a long time.. The time not spent updating the blog due to various reasons expanded..

Now i have found a solid reason to continue with my blog.. Thanks to my ‘Childhood Friend’ and a person’s qualities I am a great fan of.. (advice : Be a fan of the qualities and not the person)

So the discussion was quite interesting there.. many topics passed and each one relating to another.

Lets start now.. The first topic was about a tank of water.

the saying goes like this..

“Oka akka (B bhai), oka anna(S bhai), Oka amma, kondaru pillalu, konni mokkalu, tank lo neellu. :)”

taken from (the person’s qualities i am a big fan of.. :P)

the literal translation is like this..

“one elder sister, one elder brother, one mother, some kids, some plants, water in the tank”

the saying is in Telugu and carries a lot of meaning and derivations and it means something more and special to the ones who are actually in it.

lets get this straight.

It is actually a comedy to the people who live in that house. and the very house means a lot to me. I understood what the joke is all about but could not enjoy it. There is a vast difference between understanding and enjoying the same thing and understanding is simply not enough to enjoy.

We can have a lot of derivations from that sentence. and it starts with a tank of water.

Water is the basis of life. Life comes into existence when there is water. but happiness? will it really come when you have life? I don’t think so. A mother cannot be happy if she is away from her children. and the children will be happy if they have toys and nature to enjoy and learn. the children when related to each other like brothers and sisters, the elder ones help the younger ones to come up acting in the place of mother.

It again starts with water where people live in a apartment thats full of families and trees. again it starts with water. they need water to survive and thus the people come and stay there, the value of property increases.

In the movie “Operation Condor” the last scene will surely make you realize that the worth of water is more than the worth of gold.

Talking of water and family, take the very twin-city grew on the source of Hussainsagar lake. and now the city has grown so big that the water is just as good as useless as the people trying to clean it and the very people around it forgot that once upon a time that this was the very source that helped them survive here and the very people failed when its time for paying back the tribute to the lake by cleaning and maintaining it. Had there been no water source from that lake, there would have been no life but misery and deaths due to droughts and famines.

as I discuss of life, There is death too.

There is equal probability that a person might live or die at the moment.

and speaking of life and death, the cycle of life and death and the faith that there is life after death, what is it? is it true that there is life? if so, where is it? is it in the same earth or after a period in heaven? one will never want to return to earth after experiencing the pleasures in heaven. but those who lived in hell. i am sure will want to come back to earth and make up for what they have done.

Many people have their own version of the very topic just like the one as discussed above. and i personally have three different versions of interpreting the same sentence. So maybe that misinterpretation is also considered as just-another-interpretation.

whether its right or wrong, interpretation is interpretation of the individual from the individual’s point of view and many people have their own views which seems that they are right in their own view but sometimes it so happens that wrong interpretation is more convincing that the actual interpretation or what it actually supposed to mean.

Talking about spirituality and being. No Child born will have the feeling of caste and religion and creed in them. nor there is any type of differentiation when they were born. yet people or the so called elders put the very feeling into them about the caste and religion. then why is the difference? is people from different religion are from different directions and are blinded by their own direction? knowing that they are heading nowhere still fighting for nothing?

People say that god is everywhere and watching us all. and its the same people who curse the god if they get any stumble in life. is this fair? you praise when he helps you and curse him when he leaves you? and the very people say that one must not be selfish yet they are.

they are just my opinion and not to promote anything.

people from all religion must eat, drink water and sleep, everyone must have shelter, everyone must earn. every person has his or her own goals, then where does religion comes in the middle when people are busy?

I say that one must not ignore god but one must be fair with him. When he helps you achieve your own goals, its up to you to go ahead and help others who are lagging behind you so that you can bring heaven to earth. where everyone is treated equally and where there is fair and justice, whats the need of force and power? one can live happily from birth to death in a place called earth where everyone gets their own chance to make a mark of their presence here. enjoy here. and live here.